1975 - 1980

During the school year 1975-76, several new faces were welcomed into the organization as they replaced others who had retired or moved on. Few of these members remain with the organization today.

  • Dick Culver, Colorado School of Mines
  • Joyce Axelrath, Loretto Heights
  • Gerald Gerber, Southern Colorado
  • Tom Hurlburt, Denver University
  • Dave Berilla, Western State
  • Don Smith, Colorado College

And, one very good friend to all died unexpectedly that year - Al Serafin.

Minutes of the CCCPA meetings for the next several years reveal a preoccupation with issues related to placement credentials, increasing use of "placement fees", confidentiality, and the idea of setting up a "credentials bank" that might solve some of the problem of all school districts requiring that candidates duplicate complete application files for each district they want to teach in. And, the issue of publishing a brochure about all of the institutions in Colorado was back again for consideration, promoting one member to observe that, "it reminded him of the movie 'Night of the Living Dead', you just couldn't kill the thing!"

Aggressive leadership of CCCPA continued with Jay Rosson, Helen Jacober, Pat Brelesford, Ted Giles and Earl Young. One of the projects initiated during the school year of 1976-77 was a survey of all Colorado school districts to gather information on current hiring practices and use of placement credentials files. Jay Rosson compiled the results of the survey which were used by placement offices for several years. Earl Young was president at the time.

Kathy Gibson became a new placement director at Regis College in 1977; Joann Albright accepted the position of Assistant Dean of Student Life at Denver University, presiding over a reorganized placement department. And, the affable Dave Berilla hosted the May meeting in Gunnison.

In September, 1977, the Association met in Glenwood Springs. New members at that meeting were Karen Stonley from Denver University, Avis Berlin, School of Mines, Jack Lieski, Denver University, Rich Patrei, Arapahoe Community College (Littleton). It was at this meeting that Jay Rosson announced his resignation at CSU to return to full time counseling.

By the spring of 1978, Regis College had another career planning director - Helen Jacober had moved from CWC to accept the position. Florence Moore was the placement coordinator. Carol Leavenworth represented Colorado College, and Don Sutton joined CSU as its new placement director. Don had come to Colorado from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln where he had served as assistant director under Frank Hallgren. All of these people quickly emerged as leaders who make lasing contributions to the Association.

For a period of about five years from 1977 there were few complete records of meetings and activities of the Association. CCCPA continued to hold regular meetings, even increasing the number to three meetings annually. the Association did take on the character of a more formal organization with the annual election of a president, the "official" appointment of the treasurer and three regularly scheduled meetings each year. Although minutes were kept of the meetings, no one was specifically charged with that responsibility until a few years later when the association included the position of elected vice president who was responsible for taking and distributing minutes.


By: Earl Young