CCSA is a "casual" professional society. Membership is by institution. Each institution may hold more than one membership for the university career center and a membership for the career center in the college of business, for example. Career services staff and current interns may attend CCSA meetings. Each new member should receive a new member's package, which outlines some of the past accomplishments of the association.

Membership Fees and Meeting Fees

There is an annual membership fee used for projects or to bring in presenters.

Fee Structure (by institution): 

  • 5 or less members = $50
  • 6 or more members = $100

Both the president and treasurer hold signature authority on the funds. The CCSA treasury is typically used for joint projects, professional training, etc. The president and treasurer may approve any expenditure under $100; any expenditure over $100 must be approved by the membership (virtual votes may occur). Additional individual fees are charged for each meeting for refreshments and/or facility rental.

Meeting Schedule

We meet twice a year (it used to be 3x's a year). The fall meeting is held in November on the eastern slope and the spring meeting is held in May on the western slope. The spring and the fall meetings typically run from Thursday morning until noon the next day. In 1995, the career directors wished to have time to meet with each other, and for travel convenience, Thursday morning before the CCSA spring meeting was selected.

Meeting Agenda

The agenda is typically based on the interests of those who will be in attendance. Any member is welcome to request a particular subject or suggest a different approach for the meeting. And CCSA has changed through the years according to the membership's wishes. Most cultural changes occur casually based on discussion and agreement at a meeting; the by-laws have a set procedure for change. Through the years there has been an increased interest in providing professional development at each meeting that can be provided by the members or by bringing in a professional speaker. The president sets the meeting agenda and facilitates the discussions. Providing nametags at each meeting is highly recommended since there are typically new people at each meeting.


The attire for meetings are business or business casual.

Officer Positions and Election Process

If one stays in CCSA long enough, one usually has the opportunity to hold an office of secretary/president-elect, president, and treasurer (this one tends to hold on to its incumbent longer because of the need to change signatures for the bank account). The election process is held during the spring meeting. Nominations are written on a piece of paper. Confidentially, the president and president-elect note who is nominated (no counts are given) and the individuals are asked if they are willing to serve. An individual who is not at the spring meeting and wishes to be considered for an office needs to let someone know beforehand. The election is similar: vote on a piece of paper, the president and president-elect counts who gets the most votes and announce who are our new officer (no counts are given). A little history: nominations used to be given vocally, those willing to serve left the room and a show of hands elected the officers... it was very awkward. There tends to be no politicking in the election process.

Officer Responsibilities

  • President
    • Provide new members with membership orientation package
    • Conduct the election during the spring meeting, with the President-Elect
    • Holds signature authority with the Treasurer on the membership bank account
  • President-Elect/Secretary
    • Serves as the secretary the year prior to taking the President’s position
    • Responsible for meeting minutes, which is submitted to membership view within one month of the meeting
    • Will immediately replace the President should s/he leave office before the term ends and an immediate virtual election will take place
  • Treasurer
    • Holds signature authority with the President on the membership bank account, including maintaining the signature on the account
    • Bills and collects annual membership fee and pays membership bills
    • Submits tax exempt filing
    • Provides a financial statement for approval at each meeting
  • Technology Manager
    • Maintains and updates the CCSA website
    • Oversees the online career fair calendar
    • Approves new members and manages the CCSA LinkedIn group

Facility/Site Chair(s)

At the spring meeting, the president solicits who wants to host the next two meetings. Outlined on the web site are guidelines on contracting with hotels, meeting space, etc. One note in contracting with hotels is to set a release date for held lodging rooms so the membership is not responsible for rooms not reserved.

Joint Projects

Joint projects, such as the joint invitation to school districts to education fairs, and employment statements (see CCSA web site) have been developed in the past as a result of task teams. Liaison positions to other organizations are appointed by the president. In the past we have had a liaison position to CASPA (Colorado Association of School Personnel Administrators). Occasionally, a professional trainer is invited and non-members are invited to attend and pay a fee.


The one enduring result of membership in CCSA has been the relationships and friendships that have developed. CCSA members can contact each other for advice and understanding - and it tends to be an individual process. Since some members only see each other twice a year, the meetings are ones of renewed relationships and development of new ones.

By Lynne Boyle and Lissa Gallagher (Revised April 2014)


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