Please help us prepare for the upcoming 2018 CCSA Spring Conference by offering your nomination for the president-elect and technology manager.  Elections will be held electronically with the announcement of our new officers at the Spring 2018 conference. Thank you!

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The vice-president/president-elect, elected by the membership, assumes all duties of the president in his/her absence or inability to serve, acts as secretary by recording and distributing meeting minutes and updating membership lists, and becomes president automatically after serving one year as vice-president/president-elect.
The technology manager is responsible for all website, social media, and other online technology for CCSA. This position will support the members, officers, and approved participants by posting relevant information on the CCSA website, including, but not limited to: member updates, meeting agendas and minutes, upcoming meeting information, speaker presentations, and updated CCSA information. The technology manager will also maintain CCSA's online communication system and oversee its online Career Fair calendar. The technology manager is elected for a two-year term, and he/she may serve consecutive terms. The technology manager shall possess computer and information technology skills sufficient to carry out the technical responsibilities described above, including, but not limited to knowledge of web page markup language such as HTML and the ability to use web editing software.